Thursday, 12 April 2012


There were many images, videos and songs that inspired our theme for our main project.
Here a few of our inspirations:

Kick ass was one of our main inspirations, we liked the way that it was so serious that it was funny and how the characters were normal people trying to be Superheroes, like in our story. We liked the idea of a comic book themed title sequence because we felt that it fit in with our story's theme of Superheroes. 

Images of other superheroes helped us with ideas for characters costumes and names..

Friday, 17 February 2012

7/02/2012 Survey lesson

Today in the lesson we learnt about survey's and the different type questions that can be found in them. There are two different categories of questions: demographic, which ask basic information e.g. name, age, gender; and then psychographics, within this category there are four types of questions, likerts, multiple choice, open questions and rating.
 Likerts are questions that give you the option to tick 1 of 5 boxes. the boxes are "like a lot", "like a bit", "don't know", "don't like" or "really dislike".
Multiple choice questions give you choice to choose from a range of answers.
An open question is one where the person doing the survey gets tp answer the question with their own words and its allows them the chance to give their opinion.
Rating questions are similar to likerts, you must rate several options in order of preference or importance to you, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

This lesson gave us to further understanding of how surveys are created, so that when it comes to making our own we now know to include questions of all types and how to word those questions.

4/02/2012 Editing

We continued to edit The Package.

2/02/2012 Editing & 25 word pitch

We continued with editing our rough cut of the preliminary project - The Package.
We also discussed our 25 word pitch, this would help sell our film to it's possible audience. After we wrote the pitch Hannah put it together to make it look more eye catching, it appears to be in the style of a comic book, we felt that this would fit in with our superhero theme. The thought carefully about the colours we were going to use, we wanted to show that the Supergood were good and the Superbad were evil.

1/02/2012 Mood board and Editing

We began editing today, I found that it wasn't too hard to do after playing around with final cut for a while. The clip list that I had made previously really helped us as it meant that we didn't waste time trying to find the right clip, we had around 50 clips so it saved us a lot of time!
We also began brainstorming ideas and making our mood board for our main project. All the images we used on our mood board were chosen because we felt that they represented our plot and created the right mood and feeling that we want for our story. We got most of our images from magazines, but some also came from the internet. Most images were related to superheros because that is going to be the main theme in our story.

31/01/2012 Clip List

To make things easier for us when editing, I went through every clip we had and  took note of the content on paper so that when we were editing we could look at the list and easily see which clip it is that we wanted rather than looking through numerous clips to find the desired clip. I thought that this would make the editing process much quicker for us.              (I will scan in image of this later)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

27/01/2012 Order of posts

Almost everyday I write down what I have done that day on paper, which later on, when i have more time and quick access to a computer, I upload to my blog.