R&P: Task 7 - Prop List and Shot List

We didn't use that many props in our movie, other than costumes, because we felt that the costumes spoke for themselves.

Props List

1. Alex's costume: red bed sheet as cape 
                              gold tights 

 2. Josh's costume: smiley boxers 
                              blue face mask 
                              white top and blue smiley face 
                              long socks 

 3. Soph's costume: black tights 
                               gold shorts 
                               black heels 
                               blue bolt top 
                               red lipstick 

 4. Alex's costume: black leggins 
                               caution tape for waist and wrists
                               black eye liner 

 5. Kyle's costume: black leggins 
                               caution taped mask 
                               black eye liner
                               cut out burger on front of legggins 

 6. Bella's costume: black leggins 
                                black studded leotard 
                                black heels 
                                black leather jacket 
                                caution tape around body and head 
                                black eye shadow 
                                black lipstick 
                                clear lipgloss 

Other Props: yellow "wet floor" cone
                      large mirror

We used the props we chose to show different things, for example it is is clear from the prop list that 4, 5 and 6 are the baddies because we chose to have the colour black as a theme in their wardrobe. Another thing we carefully chose for their costumes was the caution tape, the fact that they all have it in their costumes in some way shows that they a team. Another reason for the caution tape was to liven up their outfits, we didn't want it to be just black as that would be boring. The goodies each have different outfit because their outfits relate to their names.
 Alex is Golden Boy and so to represent this we gave him gold tights to wear, gold and red are positive colours and are even seen as lucky in some cultures. Josh was Nitrous, his name came from nitrous oxide that is more commonly known as laughing gas, his name shows his personality, his clothes also show his personality because they have smiley faces all over it. Sophie is Blue Bolt, her outfit is very fitting for this name as her top looks like a bolt of lightening. When choosing Sophie's make up we thought it would be best that we kept it simple so that she would come across as pure, however her red lipstick is a contradiction to the innocent look but we wanted it because it would be a contrast to Bella's black lipstick and also show another side of Blue Bolt.
Alex's name was The Intimidator, his costume was kept simple as there was nothing that was needed to represent his name. We did, however, give him dark eyes with the eyeliner because it made his eyes more intimidating and the focus of his face. It helped to give him a sinister glare. Kyle's costume was pretty similar to Alex's but we did use a cardboard burger to play on his name - Beefonator. We chose this name for Kyle because he has a 'beefy' physic. Bella's costume was completely black as her name is Black Ice, we were going for an edgy look so we added a leather jacket and black lipstick.

Shot List: 

  1. Close up of the Intimidators hands.
  2. Blank black screen, His stage name ‘The Intimidator’ appears as well as his real name ‘Alex Lister’
  3. Transitions to close up of BlackIce putting on her headband.
  4. Turns into a black screen were BlackIce’s stage name appears aswell as her real name ‘Isabella Houston’
  5. Close up of ‘The Beefanator’ putting on his mask
  6. Quickly cuts to a black screen where his stage name aswell as his real name appears.
  7. You then get a close up body shot of all of the baddies. Starting from their toes, to their heads.
  8. Then close up of ‘Golden Boy’ tying up his cape
  9. His name and stage name appears introducing him.
  10. Close up of ‘Bluebolt’ putting on her lipstick from side angle
  11. Cuts to front angle of her putting on her lipstick
  12. Turns to black screen where her real and stage name is presented.
  13. Close up of ‘Nitrous’ putting on his mask, with a smiled expression.
  14. Black screen appears displaying his name aswell as stage name.
  15. Then title appears in full screen ‘SUPERGOOD VS SUPERBAD’.
  16. Over shoulder shot looking down on the baddies as they’re walking up the corridor.
  17. Wide shot from the goodies front view now showing their passing
  18. Close up side view showing them at face level passing.
  19. Diagonal view focusing on the goodies looking up at them from opposite end of the corridor
  20. Close up of ‘The Intimidators’ head turning from the back to the front (as if he is looking over his shoulder)
  21. Close up of ‘Golden Boy’ head turning staring from back to front ( also as if he is looking over his shoulder)
  22. Wide shot from badies perspective to show their still connecting eye contact.
  23. Side on angle showing the cone that ‘The Intimidator’ threw making its way down the hallway.

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