R&P:Task 5 - Script and Foley/Sound Research

The music we would use in our film had to be copyright free, we also decided that we didn't want any lyrics because we felt that it would distract the audience from our film and it would be impossible to find lyrics that fitted with our story. We wanted an up-beat track that was fast paced, our music couldn't be too serious because our film ins't and so this would be a bad representation of our film.

 This is the music we used at the beginning of The Package, our preliminary production. We felt that it was perfect for our film because it is eery and sinister, which how we wanted to present Kyle's character.

The is a sound clip that we used at the end of The Package. Its called a cinematic boom, we didn't actually say that a bomb went off but we implied it. We didn't this because we wanted our audience to think about what happened in the end.

This song is called Ordinary Man and is sung by Adam Shearer, it has the right pace and beat that we want for the song in our Main task, Supergood. However, it has lyrics and we feel that lyrics would distract the audience from our film, another disadvantage to lyrics is that they don't fit with the plot of our film.

This is sound clip that we were planning to use in our main task, it is the sounding of knuckles crunching. When in edit we realized that we didn't like the shot of The Intimidator cracking his knuckles and so we cut the shot from our film.

This is another option that we found for the song in our title sequence. We liked it but thought it's pace wasn't quite fast enough and wouldn't fit in with how we wanted our title sequence to be.


We didn't have any dialogue in our film because when we looked through previous students work we thought that the speaking made it look bad as it never sounded how it should. Another thing that stopped us from having any dialogue in our film was the fact that we didn't have very good actors, they were not professional and were only doing it to do us favour. So when we were filming with them speaking they wouldn't take it seriously and so we had to cut out all speaking. 

The marvel ident appears slowing fading out.
Subtitles appear in white wring along the bottom of the screenA shirtless male is wrapping yellow tape round his wrist, enhancing the veins on his armsThe intimidator as Alex Lister appears on the screen in yellow writingA female character is wrapping the same yellow tape round her head to form some sort of head bandBlack Ice then appears on Screen in yellow writingA third character then places a mask over his ice shortly followed by The Beefanator appearing again in yellow writingTilt body shots of all three characters cut in between showing the whole length of each characterA fourth character appears tying a red cape round his neckFollowed by Golden man as Alex Scholes in red writingA female character is shown putting on red lipstick into a mirrorAfter Blue Bolt as Sophie Marie Clegg appears again in red writingThen another male character placing a blue mask onto his faceThe word Nitrous then appearsThen again a full body shot of each of the three introduced characters appears on screen cutting in between showing their legs, torso then faceThe title supergood vs superbad bounces up on screen is bright red and yellow coloursThen it shows both teams walking past eachother in a corridor as they past each one looks back at the other group giving them dirty looks, as The intimidator walks on he walks into a cone and get extremely angry throwing the cone done the corridor.
Fade out 

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