R&P: Task 4 - 25 Word Pitch and Mood Board

2/02/2012 We discussed our 25 word pitch, this would help sell our film to it's possible audience. After we wrote the pitch Hannah put it together to make it look more eye catching, it appears to be in the style of a comic book, we felt that this would fit in with our superhero theme. The thought carefully about the colours we were going to use, we wanted to show that the Supergood were good and the Superbad were evil. Supergood is a bright blue that is could be associated with happiness and blue skies, this shows they are good; whereas Superbad is a darkish green that is associated with jealousy and other sinister emotions. 25 Word Pitch 1/02/2012 We began brainstorming ideas and making our mood board for our main project. All the images we used on our mood board were chosen because we felt that they represented our plot and created the right mood and feeling that we want for our story. We got most of our images from magazines, but some also came from the internet. Most images were related to superheros because that is going to be the main theme in our story.
All images on our moodboard were each chosen for a specific reason. There is an image of 5 l'oreal hair products, we chose this because of the way they are positioned. We all thought that it looked very similar to way that superheroes stand, in a triangle formation. All the colours on our moodboard are bright and eye catching, with their fonts in a comic book style. This was chosen because the theme of superheroes is often linked and related to comic books. The parodied image of Charlie's angles was chosen because they are a iconic team of ordinary people fighting against evil, we felt this was related to our plot.

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