R&P: Task 8 - Location Recce

09/03/2012 Activity

When making sure that we would have no problem with lighting we came across a few difficulties. Picture A below shows an area that we would have liked to have filmed, we liked this because we thought that we could get some good shots of the heroes on the stairs as a upwards tilt shot symbolizes power and someone to look up to.  However, after taking photos of our locations to check everything, we discovered that we may have a problem with the light. In Picture B you can see that there is a light flare caused by the window at the top of the stairs, so unfortunately we were not able to film there.
Other photos of our locations can be found on the page R&P: Task 6 - Photo Storyboard and Draft Sketches. There weren't many other problems with the original locations, one thing that we did change was that we decided not to film outside, we felt that it would be too risky with the expensive equipment and the England's unreliable weather! 

Picture A
Picture B

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