Wednesday, 25 January 2012

25/01/2012 Blog tidy up

I tidied up previous posts to ensure my blog is clear and easy to understand.

24/01/2012 Title Sequence Essay plan

I put together a plan for my essay comparing and analysing the four title sequences I've already analysed briefly. I did this so that when i come to writing my essay it will be easier to write.

21/01/2012 Title Sequence print screens and analysis

I did various print screens from 4 different title sequences and then analysed each print screen. I tried to get the title sequences from films that had different genres, so that I was able to see the contrast between title sequences of different genres. This would also give us an idea of what certain genres should look like, so that when it comes to our own film, we can film a title sequence appropriate for the genre we choose.

23/01/2012 Researched Title Sequences

Today, we researched title sequences that had been uploaded to YouTube by previous G321 candidates. This helped us to understand what is expected of us, it also helped clarify our vision of what we want and what we don't want for our own title sequence. I think it also made us realise that this project is going to be harder than we first expected.